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New CHS diesel storage keeps supply where and when it's needed most

Aerial of Grand Forks terminal

With the new acquisition, CHS has tripled its local fuel storage to hold up to 10 million gallons.

Mar 28, 2024

For cooperatives and farmers in North Dakota, diesel fuel outages across the region weren’t just an occasional disruption – they were becoming a regular occurrence, creating supply bottlenecks during peak harvest seasons.

“During peak demand times, we would have to travel far to find fuel to help our customers get through their busy seasons,” says Jim Corbett, energy department manager, CHS Ag Services. “That travel could be as far as 400 miles or more.”

Limitations in local infrastructure and peak seasonal outages have impacted fuel suppliers across the region, but with a new storage acquisition at the Grand Forks, N.D., fuel terminal, CHS is closing the supply gap, ensuring cooperatives and farmers have access to the fuel their operations depend on when they need it most.

Learn how the new facility is helping CHS customers and making a local impact.