Global grain marketing

Global grain

Linking growers with consumers around the world

At CHS, we play a vital role in connecting growers to food companies and consumers around the world. Through a network of cooperatives and farmer-owners, we source grain for domestic and international processing, livestock production and renewable fuels manufacturing. Our experts participate in global commodity markets, monitor local crop conditions and share market intelligence daily to help customers make informed buying and selling decisions.

Grain networks

We operate a far-reaching network from our headquarters in Inver Grove Heights, Minn., to global grain offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Our extensive grain origination network sources and markets grains, oilseeds and distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) from local cooperatives and ethanol plants. With our global network, we’re able to ensure a year-round supply for our customers.

Grain distribution

CHS is a leading cooperative marketer of grain, moving more than 2 billion bushels within the United States and to about 65 countries every year. The CHS distribution network spans five continents. And as one of the world’s largest customers of freight and barge transportation, we ensure safe and timely delivery of high-quality grain supported by experienced traders and risk managers.

North America

Our grain origination network begins by sourcing from 900 member cooperatives, farmer-owners and CHS-owned facilities in North America. Our unique connection to farmers and member cooperatives gives us insights into crop conditions, access to high-speed loaders and transportation, and strong quality control.

South America

CHS South America sources and markets grains, oilseeds and fertilizer through multiple ports to customers worldwide. We have more than 360 employees in four South American countries, including headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, to serve customers’ needs.

Asia Pacific

Based in Singapore, CHS Asia Pacific serves growing regional demand for grains, DDGS and fertilizer. Backed by world-class logistics and risk management expertise, CHS Asia Pacific employees are located strategically throughout the region to ensure high-quality grain delivery and outstanding customer service year-round.


CHS Europe sources and markets grains, oilseeds and fertilizer through the Black Sea and Mediterranean Basin regions. With regional headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, CHS Europe has more than 200 employees at offices in nine European countries, Turkey and Jordan.

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CHS food products reach consumer tables across the United States with vegetable-oil-based foodservice and retail products produced by Ventura Foods, LLC, a joint venture company that is the nation’s leading manufacturer and marketer of branded and custom-made shortenings, oils, dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, margarines, culinary bases and pan coatings.

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